the airplane scene is truly iconic.

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the reason male comic book fans work themselves into a frenzied rage over “fake geek girls" is because they think they can’t get a girlfriend because of their love for comic books (a.k.a nerdiness). if they accept that geek girls genuinely love comic books, then they’re left with the cold harsh reality that it’s not their nerdiness that makes them unattractive to women, but the fact that they are misogynistic condescending dickbags who need to be avoided AT ALL COSTS

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Pretty bunny playing with flower petals.


Pretty bunny playing with flower petals.

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please don’t make people with depression feel guilty for their lack of interest in things or their inability to motivate themselves please and thank you goodbye 

on that note, please don’t make people with anxiety feel guilty about their inability to do tasks you deem simple and literally call them children and tell them to grow up because of it

Also please don’t ever say someone who has a mental illness is faking it or using it as an excuse to get out of things, because chances are they already feel like crap about having to cancel and honestly can not control when their illness effects them.

White Northern Lights in Finland

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okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

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pretty little liars | text posts

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